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J-1 Visa Information

Once you have received a formal, written offer from one of our participating camps, you may begin the process to apply for a J-1 work visa for summer employment in the US. It is important that you complete all paperwork thoroughly and completely. Do not wait to the last minute to make your embassy appointment. Click here to access the wait times at the US Embassy nearest you.

Step 1: Complete the J-1 Visa Sponsorship Application
If you are not a US Citizen or have a Green Card you must apply for a J-1 visa to work as a counselor at a US summer camp. Before you can apply for a J-1 visa at a US Embassy in your home country, a properly designated United States organization must sponsor you. Camping Management Corporation is a properly designated sponsor. The first step in obtaining visa sponsorship is to to read the FAQ's and Terms and Conditions and complete the sponsorship application. Be sure that all of the information on the application matches the information on your passport. Either fax, mail, or scan and email the completed and signed application to the address on the application.

Step 2: The Embassy Appointment
Once your signed application has been received and your employment verified, your information will be processed through the government system and you will be issued a DS 2019 form. This form confirms that you have been approved for the J-1 Visa program and that you have a US Sponsor. It is not a J-1 Visa. To apply for the J-1 visa, contact the US Embassy nearest you to schedule an appointment. Please refer to the Embassy Checklist for all items you will need to take with you for your appointment.

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